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Gizmondo may be dead, but Ferrarigate lives on

Gizmondo may be dead, but Ferrarigate lives on

Perhaps the Gizmondo handheld gaming device could have a second life, once someone writes a game for it that echoes the fabulous life of ex-exec Stefan Eriksson. Eriksson has just been charged with grand theft after a mysterious and spectacular Ferrari crash. It now turns out that the Ferrari, which first appeared to belong to Eriksson, was actually owned by a British bank, because he'd stopped making payments. And this chapter comes in the aftermath of the crash itself, which included: claims by Eriksson that the driver of the wrecked car was a guy named Dietrich who mysteriously vanished into the woods; a loaded gun found under what remained of the seat in the sheared-in-half, million-dollar Ferrari Enzo; an Irish accomplice who gave his address as a luxury yacht and then fled the country; and of course, some murky connection to Homeland Security. Now this is a role-playing game I can get behind.