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Get Silicon-chic with a care package of schwag

Are you a looks-conscious Silicon Valley hang-around who's drooling for your own Flickr button and would definitely sell your grandma for a T-shirt saying "Get flocked"?

The recently launched Valleyschwag care package might be just your thing.

For $14.95 a month, subscribers get a surprise package delivered to their doors with "world class collectibles" like T-shirts saying "Talk nerdy to me," Technorati stickers and nail filers.

The packages are put together and sent by a team of developers from the San Francisco Web application company Rubyred labs.

Watching Web companies rise to the star status of rock bands, they feel that the proper fan attire is lacking. While logo wear and giveaways form an important part of the Silicon Valley spirit, they are usually restricted to employees and fortunate PR party invitees.

Using their connections in the Web industry, the team behind wants to help high-tech junkies wrap themselves from head to toe in their favorite company slogans. The package comes with guarantees that no lame, ugly or mundane schwag will be shipped, and absolutely nothing from "evil" companies.

If you ever open your package to find a vintage, black turtleneck from Apple, you know you've hit it big.