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Get SanDisk's Wi-Fi MP3 player for $89 shipped has the SanDisk Sansa Connect on sale for $89.46, and it qualifies for free shipping. The player can stream, download, and share music over Wi-Fi networks.

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In case it's not abundantly clear by now, I'm a bit obsessed with MP3 players. Today's deal: the 4GB SanDisk Sansa Connect, which sold for $250 when it debuted about 9 months ago but can now be had for just $89.46 shipped.

Why the steep initial price tag? The Sansa Connect leverages built-in Wi-Fi to stream Internet radio, download music from online stores, view Flickr photos, and share tunes with other Sansa users anywhere in the whole wide world! (Microsoft's Zune has Wi-Fi, too, but it's limited to wireless syncing and local sharing.)

The Connect comes with a somewhat paltry 4GB of RAM, but you can expand it using microSD cards. (Here's a 4GB card, which would double your total storage (duh), for $19.) The player received very high marks from CNET, though I'm troubled by its lack of video support. Still, if you live, work, and play in hotspot-rich environments, this could be just the music box for you.