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Christmas Gift Guide

Get cozy with Pac-Man on an old-school arcade blanket

Level up your dreams by cuddling with Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders on custom blankets based on old-school video games.

Donkey Kong blanket
Save the damsel every night in your dreams. iamduckydale

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray to Pac-Man my ghosts to eat. If I should level up before I wake, I pray to Donkey Kong my barrels to take. Sleep tight, little geeks, and pull your old-school arcade blankets up to your chins.

You can get your blanket from Etsy, of course. Seller iamduckydale makes classic game blankets and throws. The Donkey Kong blanket is especially impressive, with the iconic ape at the top and Mario leaping a barrel near the bottom. It's the most intricate of the collection and the most expensive at $260.

A handcrafted Space Invaders blanket runs $180. A Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man throw is $135 and it shows the two characters sweetly expressing their eternal gaming love.

If Mario and Princess Peach are your favorite arcade sweethearts, then check out the $120 Afghan throw with them standing on either side of a big pink heart. Aw. This will go great on your gaming couch of love.

Each blanket is made to order of materials including acrylic yarn and wool. You'll want to plan ahead for cold weather since the turnaround time is up to 8 weeks. You can look forward to snuggling in the warm glow of a Donkey Kong barrel fire.

Pac-Man throw
Nothing says love like Pac-Man love. iamduckydale

(Via Technabob)