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Get a grip on your carving board

The Gripper Carving Board holds on to any food you're slicing so that it can't get away.

The Gripper Carving Board Fresh Finds

No matter what you've got on the carving board, it always seems to slide around. You can wind up awkwardly trying to pin a roast in place with one hand while carving off slices with the other. The Gripper Carving Board can make the project easier: it's designed to hold food in place as you slice. A removable metal ring sits in a groove built in to the center of the cutting board. The ring has four points that sink into your food, anchoring it into place. It works well with meat and poultry, but the points will hold squash or other notoriously difficult-to-slice produce just as well. The ring is removable and easy to clean. The Gripper Carving Board isn't dishwasher-safe, but is can easily be cleaned in the sink.

The Gripper Carving Board has a trough around the edge, as well as inset grooves, that will collect juices and minimize cleanup. There's a large well, that can handle quite a bit of juices. You may even be able to collect enough for gravy, if need be. The board is made in the U.S., from northern hardwoods, and is a professional-quality carving board. It measures 20 inches by 14 inches by 1 inch. The Gripper Carving Board is available for $34.95.