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Get a Call of Duty game bundle (Mac) for $39.99

The collection includes three full games and two expansion packs with a combined value of around $120.

That's a lot of Duty for just 40 bucks.
That's a lot of Duty for just 40 bucks. StackSocial

Game time! If you like to blow up stuff real good, and I know you do, it's hard to beat the Call of Duty series.

For a limited time, StackSocial is offering the Call of Duty Bundle (Mac) for $39.99. The bundle includes the following five titles, all of them linked to GameSpot reviews where applicable:

As you can see, Call of Duty 2 earned an 8.5 rating, while Modern Warfare and Black Ops each received a 9.0 and an Editors' Choice Award. These are, by most accounts, some of the best first-person shooters of all time.

Although StackSocial pegs the combined value at $130, it's actually closer to $120, as Black Ops currently sells on Steam for $40, not $50. That's a very small nitpick: this is still a crazy-good deal. It's like buying Black Ops and getting a whole mess of bonus stuff for free.

And speaking of Steam, that's the service you'll use to activate and download the games. Although Calls of Duty 2 and 4 are available for both Windows and Mac, Black Ops is Mac-only.

Consequently, I wouldn't recommend this for Windows users, but Mac users are definitely looking at weeks of run-and-gun fun.

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