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Gamers take a stab at possible PlayStation 4 controller design

Users of NeoGAF, a gaming forum, post Photoshopped mockups of what they believe the PlayStation 4 controller could look like, based on some industry hints.

Sony's current-generation controller.
Sony's current-generation controller. Sony Computer Entertainment America

Although Sony is expected to unveil the PlayStation 4 later this month, some gamers have taken it upon themselves to guess at what the company might show off.

Members of gaming forum NeoGAF lately have been posting Photoshopped mockups of what they believe the PlayStation 4's controller might look like. The controllers were developed based on a few rumors that have been floating around the Web related to Sony's technology.

Kotaku, which first reported on the controller designs, last week said that it had obtained documents that provided information on Sony's plans with its next console. Those documents suggested that the controller for the console, which is expected to be known as the PlayStation 4, would incorporate the same basic components, including the four action buttons and dual thumb sticks. It's also believed that the controller will come with motion sensing and a touch pad similar to the one on the back of Sony's portable PlayStation Vita.

The controller designs posted to NeoGAF incorporate that touch pad by placing it above the dual thumb sticks. All of the controller mockups feature the familiar action buttons -- triangle, square, circle, and X -- as well as Sony's PlayStation button, shoulder buttons, and a D-Pad.

For its part, Sony has stayed tight-lipped on its plans. The company last week promised to provide more details on the future of the PlayStation brand at an event in New York City on February 20. It's believed that the PlayStation 4 will be unveiled at that event.

Until then, check out the NeoGAF poster creations. Although it's unlikely that any of them will match up with Sony's next-generation controller, they're top-notch depictions of what could be.