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Galaxy Gear leads our IFA 2013 preview in Podcast 354

In our bite-sized podcast preview, the Samsung Galaxy Gear leads the charge to technology extravaganza IFA 2013.

It's the hottest week in the year -- and we're not talking the weather. We're talking IFA 2013, as the titans of technology descend on Berlin to unveil the coolest kit and greatest gadgets for the rest of the year -- with the hotly-tipped Samsung Galaxy Gear leading the charge.

We already know about Acer's 4G, 4K phablet the Acer Liquid S2 and Android all-in-one, so in this bite-sized podcast preview we discuss the stuff we're looking forward to, as well as leaks on a handful of other exciting products, from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the Sony Xperia Z1.

We'll be bringing you the very latest from suspense-filled press conferences and spectacular product-packed booths courtesy of the biggest names in the industry, from Asus to HTC, Intel and LG to Panasonic, Sony and Samsung. To see the latest live blogs, photos, videos and hands-on first takes, check out our special hub for all our stories from IFA 2013.

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