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Gaiman announces the return of Sandman

Neil Gaiman announced at the San Diego Comic-Con a new series featuring Morpheus, the king of dreams.

Neil Gaiman announced at the San Diego Comic-Con, California, a new series featuring Morpheus, the king of dreams.

Sneak peek of the art for the new book. (Credit: J.H. Williams III)

Gaiman's seminal work for DC Vertigo, Sandman, opens with the capture of the titular character by magician Roderick Burgess. He is returning, tired but triumphant, from a far galaxy, when he gets sucked into Crowley's summoning spell. His capture spins the world into chaos for decades, as dreams run amok.

It's a powerful tale; launching into comic stores 23 years ago, it became a gateway book for many, and has since become one of the biggest classic non-superhero cult books.

"You never found out what was happening in that far galaxy and what his triumph of a kind was, and why he was tried almost beyond endurance," explained Gaiman in the announcement video.

Sandman's 25th anniversary is rolling around in November 2013 — and with it, Gaiman will be working with one of today's most accomplished comic book artists, J.H. Williams III (just look at his incredible work on Batwoman or Promethea), to tell the story of just what Morpheus had been doing in that far galaxy.

"I'm thrilled. I'm excited. This has been an incredibly long time coming," Gaiman said. "It was one of the few stories that actually felt, when I had finished Sandman, like I had failed because I had not told this story."

With two such important talents at the helm, how can it not be brilliant?