Fullscreen Beam app uploads to YouTube from Google Glass

You'll be able to beam your videos straight from your Google Glass specs to YouTube, using this app.


Recording everything you see on the go without some kind of unwieldy helmet cam is one of the chief joys of Google Glass. But what if you want to share your vids on YouTube? Surely that means waiting until you get home, uploading to your computer, sorting out file types, then pinging it to YouTube, right? Not if you've got the Fullscreen Beam app.

It makes sending vids to YouTube on the go as easy as getting strange looks in a pair of Google Glass specs. I've embedded a video of how it works below.

Just register at beam.fullscreen.net, and you can choose to keep your videos on YouTube private or public, and tick a box to tweet them, too. Then select your video on your Google Glass spectacles (here's how to use Glass, if you need a refresher), click Share, and select Fullscreen Beam. And there you have it, it's on YouTube.

It undoubtedly makes the process a lot simpler, but that could be dangerous. Some have expressed their concerns about the privacy implications of everyone walking around filming what everyone else is doing. And the fact you can upload straight to YouTube will only worry them even more.

We can expect an explosion of apps once Google Glass touches down. Reddit has already made an appearance, in the form of an app called Reddit Timeline. On the official support page, Google has laid bare the technical specifications of the technological spectacles -- you'll get a 5-megapixel camera that records in 720p, 16GB of storage (12GB of which is usable), plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They'll cost about £1,000 when they go on sale around the end of the year.

Are you looking forward to Google Glass? Or are you worried about the privacy implications? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.

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