Fujitsu F07D and F01D flaunt waterproof skills in video

We go hands on with the Fujitsu F07D and F01D; a phone and a tablet that offer submersible waterproofing.

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Here at CES in Las Vegas we often find ourselves drenched in champagne poured by local beauty queens. Fujitsu came prepared for just such a soaking with the F07D smart phone and F01D tablet -- two Android devices with waterproof skills.

The F07D phone, while not exactly creatively named, is a slim chap, measuring a mere 6.7mm. It's running Android 2.3 Gingerbread, with a 1.4GHz processor under the hood and things look pretty special on its bright AMOLED screen.

Best of all, it's waterproof to a depth of 1.4 metres for up to 30 minutes so if you make a habit of falling in swimming pools, falling off boats, or falling anywhere else where you might find water, the F07D will keep on trucking. There's a 5-megapixel camera on the back too, so you could take some photos underwater in the bath -- although please keep these to yourself.

The F01D tablet packs a dual-core 1GHz processor with 1GB of RAM, which made its Android Honeycomb operating system feel pretty nippy in our hands. The 10.1-inch screen isn't as vivid as the AMOLED variety on the phone, but it's pretty bright, so we can't complain too much.

Like its phone sibling, the F01D is also waterproof, making it a great option for movies in the bath.

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