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Friday Poll: Will you buy Android now or wait for iPhone 5?

Hot Android smartphones are reaching the market, but the frenzy over the iPhone 5 is growing. Are you waiting for Apple's next phone or buying an Android device now?

Apple and Android logos

The Android-packing Samsung Galaxy S III will be arriving in stores in a few days with plenty of fanfare to welcome it. The Galaxy Nexus is expected to change into new clothes and reappear wearing the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system.

All these hot Android developments mean the ball is now lobbed onto Apple's side of the smartphone court. The iPhone 5 is shrouded in both secrecy and juicy rumors. It may be bigger. It may have NFC. It may be a true world phone.

The biggest problem is you may have to wait until September for the official iPhone 5 announcement. With some enticing Android options showing up sooner, how antsy are you for a fresh, new phone?

CNET Senior Writer Maggie Reardon tackled this exact question. Her advice? It depends on your needs and expectations, but the Android options are good enough that you probably won't regret getting your new smartphone now.

Let's hear it from you. You may be a dedicated iPhone user or a committed Android-phile. You may be considering a change of smartphone operating systems. You may have have the patience of a saint, or you may be ready to pull the trigger on a new Galaxy.

Will you buy an Android phone now or wait for the iPhone 5? Vote in our poll and talk it out in the comments.