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Friday Poll: Which tech gadget is Palin?

Vote in our weekly poll: If Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin were a tech gadget, which would she be?

graphic for Palin poll Poll

Pinpointing Palin
If Sarah Palin were a tech gadget, what would she be?

Hello Kitty assault rifle
Palm Centro
Speak & Spell
Talking picture frame

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In the wake of Thursday night's vice presidential debate, we return to the important question only you the voters (or you, the underage reader, or you the foreign reader, or you the felon) can answer. Since we started with Barack Obama in the Crave presidential gadget poll before turning to John McCain, we'll give first dibs, to Gov. Sarah Palin.

Got any ideas other than the options mentioned in our highly scientific poll? Let us know in our talkback section below. And if you have suggestions for next week's Joe Biden poll, be sure to send them my way at ina dot fried at cnet dot com.