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Free apps to get fit and lose weight

What's the best way to get in shape? With the help of technology, of course! We bring you three free iPhone and Android apps to help you get fit and lose weight.

When it comes to getting fit or losing weight, there's no shortage of books, blogs, diets, workout videos, or group exercise classes to help you out. 

Now, tech fiends can add another category of helpful resources: mobile apps. Androids and iPhones both have a large selection of exercise and weight loss apps, but how do you chose among them all?

To help you reach your fitness or weight loss goals faster, I found the most interactive, effective, and fun apps available. Here are three of the best, free apps for Android and iOS to help you get in shape (in no particular order):

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RunKeeper (iPhone, Android): This free app lets you track your outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, and running. Once you "Start" the activity, the app will harness your phone's GPS to trace a map of your activity, and provide you with details like calories burned, time, and pace. All saved activities are mirrored on the RunKeeper Web site, where you can track your progress, view friends' activities, see larger maps of your routes, and check out the app's other add-on features, like Fitness Classes. 

MyFitnessPal (iPhone, Android): Exercising, especially with the help of an app like RunKeeper, is very important. But don't forget about your diet. MyFitnessPal is a free app for both platforms that allows you to log what you're eating (calories consumed) against how much you're exercising daily (calories burned). The app uses your current weight, height, sex, age, and goal weight to give you a daily calorie goal.

Fitness Pro (iPhone): Take a break from your regular routine and use Fitness Pro to choose from hundreds of strength training workouts. The app gives you a variety of workouts to do on the mat, on gym equipment, or with weights. Each exercise has photos and text instructions to help you get the moves right. It's a great reference--find out how an Arnold press is really done, or how your feet should be aligned for a squat. There are also options to log reps completed and "Anatomy" section, which teaches you about the different muscle groups in the human body.