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Fore! 3D motion sensor helps golf, baseball swings

An upcoming launch from Zepp Labs places a small sensor on a person's hand, bat, or racquet and then analyzes movement to enhance their tennis, baseball, or golf swing.

Zepp Labs

Sports players will soon have another sensor in hopes of improving their swings.

Zepp Labs, a wearable tech startup, has unveiled a new sensor for golf, tennis, and baseball players. The 6g sensor attaches to a person's glove for golf and bat or racquet for baseball or tennis, respectively, and features two accelerometers, a gyroscope, and a compass. When a person swings their golf club, bat, or racquet, the sensor analyzes the data and sends it off to their smartphone for interpretation. The company promises that the technology will help users improve their game.

According to 9to5Mac, which was first to report on the technology, the sensor -- which is going as Zepp Golf, Zepp Baseball, and Zepp Tennis -- will set customers back $150 when it launches next month.