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fontBomb lets you destroy annoying web pages

This neat little tool lets you destroy web pages by dotting bombs around the place.

Have you read something that's annoyed you recently? Maybe it's an irritating columnist spouting off about something. Or someone on Twitter who just won't give it a rest. Instead of leaving a barbed comment below the offending article, or unfollowing them on Twitter, just blow up their musings using fontBomb. It's far more satisfying, in a completely childish way of course.

With fontBomb, you can plant explosives around the web page, The Verge reports. Each counts down from three, then blows the writer's words to smithereens. Now that's criticism.

It's the brainchild of Philipe-Antoine Lehoux, who I imagine is sitting in front of his computer, rubbing his hands together and cackling maniacally. All you do is head to the page here, and drag it into your favourites bar. Now, next time you're incensed by some nonsense online, just click fontBomb in the bar. Then wherever you click on the page (as long as you don't hit a link), a bomb will appear. Hey presto. Let the countdown to wordageddon commence.

The only problem is it's pretty hard to leave alone.

It uses html5, javascript and CSS to destroy the words. Pictures are exempt from the explosives, so it's only the words you can blow up, which keeps it fun in a childish way rather than it turning nasty. The demo video includes blowing up the page for the iPad, which I'm sure should invite plenty of comments.

So who's first on your hit list? Maybe there's a review you disagree with? Or someone's written off a whole generation for no good reason? Prime your bombs and start dotting them around the page.

If certain columnists see a spike in traffic on their web pages today, they'll know why.

Let me know what you'll be blowing up in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.