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Flip creator's new start-up: Grilled cheese meets iPhone

Jonathan Kaplan, former CEO of the company that launched the popular Flip video camera, shows off his new start-up. It's a chain of high-tech grilled-cheese sandwich restaurants. No kidding.

'Everybody loves grilled cheese." The Melt

The creator of the Flip camera, Jonathan Kaplan, took the stage at the D9 conference to reveal his new project, The Melt.

"Grilled cheese makes people happy," Kaplan said. "We've created technology to make the perfect grilled cheese."

Is this a joke?

Apparently not. Users will be able to order "melts" on a smartphone, and on the other side, there's new technology to create on-the-spot grilled cheese sandwiches that customers can then pick up in new locations that The Melt is opening.

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During an onstage demonstration, Kaplan showed the ordering of a sandwich, but the melts were delivered from off stage. Kaplan said he's raised enough money from Sequoia capital to open 20 stores.

You can also order soup.

Before discussing his start-up, he did confirm that he was not surprised Cisco killed the Flip project. "It was very clear there would be a lot of pressure to focus on the core business," and the Flip, while beloved by consumers, was never core to Cisco's business.

Update: Here's The Melt's hardware. The grilled cheese cookers use a combination of heat and microwaves to grill a melt in about two minutes. The cookers were developed in partnership with Electrolux. Rafe Needleman/CNET