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Five best TVs you're Craving

In this week's episode of What You're Craving, we take a look at the top 5 most popular TVs across CNET UK, as voted for by you.


Here at CNET UK, we like nothing more than telling you everything we can about the best new shiny gadgets. But, because we're lovely, we also want to hear which stuff you like best. That's precisely why we ask you to tell us what you think using the 'want it', 'own it' and 'not for me' buttons on every review.

This week, we're taking you through the top five TVs that you've been Craving the most this week.

5) Samsung UE55D8000 -- This 55-inch telly not only makes 2D and 3D content look stunning, but its super-slim bezel and chrome stand are a real treat for the eyeballs, regardless of what you play on it. The downside? You're probably going to have to sell several vital organs in order to muster up the £2,500 that you'll need to buy it.

4) LG 55LW980T -- Another 55-inch TV, this chap uses LG's 'Nano Full LED' backlight technology, which, apart from sounding modern and slightly ridiculous, delivers a very even picture. Couple that with the ability to see two completely different full-screen images at the same time using special glasses and you'd be forgiven for thinking this TV dropped straight out of the future.

3) Panasonic Viera TX-P55VT30B -- This beast of a TV displays both 2D and 3D content so well that it will leave your retinas feeling as though they've been massaged by an angel and sung to sleep on a bed of cats, which is just lovely. We liked it so much we gave it five stars in our review, but it will cost you £2,500 or thereabouts.

2) Hannspree SK42TMNB -- This TV certainly doesn't offer the best picture quality we've ever seen, especially when it comes to standard-definition content, but, at a mere £350 or so for a 42-inch TV, you're definitely getting plenty of screen for your cash.

1) Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer -- This gadget isn't strictly speaking a TV, but it comes near enough. Two screens are mounted just in front of your eyes, giving the impression you're watching a 700-inch movie screen. The effect will be pretty awesome if you hook it up to your console and settle in for a spot of Gears of War 3.

Not only is it good for watching 3D stuff with, it also makes you look super-cool once you pop it on, although it's maybe not the sort of thing you want to wear for a romantic night out with your significant other.

That's it from What You're Craving for this week, but make sure you join us for the next instalment, when we'll be looking at the five most popular cameras on CNET UK. 

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