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Five best speakers you're craving

The five most popular speakers on CNET UK over the past seven days are the subjects of this week's instalment of What You're Craving.

Music makes the sun shine, the birds sing, and little animals scamper around in a perpetual euphoria -- unless you're listening to Ke$ha, in which case they'll scamper towards the nearest motorway in a desperate bid for oblivion.

You don't always want to keep the music to yourself (though more people should), so our speaker reviews are here to help you break free of your headphones and fill a room with your mad beats. As you're the ones spending the money, we love to hear just what you think about each product, so we ask you to click the 'Want it', 'Own it' and 'Not for me' buttons on each page.

We've totted up your votes to bring you the five most popular speakers on CNET UK this week.

5. Sonos Play 3 -- The Play 3 is all about wireless streaming, so get some software on your computer and do a little hocus pocus, and your tunes will soon be pumping out into your room. It may be the cheapest Sonos speaker we've had, but it's still £260, which isn't really that cheap.

4. Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile -- The SoundLink offers a supremely simple Bluetooth setup inside its small and sturdy body. It would certainly make a good option for music on the beach if it wasn't for its disappointing sound quality and high price. Still, the smart wrap-around case has obviously been enough of a draw for you to help it make this week's list.

3. Sonos Play 5 -- The Play 5 is every bit as awesome as we'd want a £350 piece of Sonos gear to be. Like the Play 3, it's a wireless streaming speaker so you can hook it up to your computer over the airwaves to stream as much music as your neighbours' ears can possibly cope with.

2. Monster Beats by Dr Dre Beatbox -- The doctor is in the house and he brings with him a needle full of face-melting bass. The Beatbox may be low on features, and it's not exactly what you'd call cheap, but if you want a wall of sound big enough to displace vital organs, the Beatbox will be right up your proverbial.

1. Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air -- The Zeppelin Air has the same iconic design as the original Zeppelin and maintains the awesome sound quality. As the name of this model suggests, it packs Apple's AirPlay, so you can stream your music straight from your phone. Of course, handy functions and great sound come at a price -- £500 to be specific -- but that hasn't stopped it making this week's number one spot.

That's it from What You're Craving for this week, but make sure to tune in next time for more of the hottest tech.