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Fastap keypad

Fastap keypad

Customers of Canadian carrier Telus Mobility can now get the LG 6190. Like the LG VX6100, the 6190 may look like a normal, albeit orange, flip phone from the outside, but it's a different story inside. Instead of a standard 12-button keypad, you'll find the innovative Fastap keypad developed by DigitWireless. Set in the midst of the usual number keys are small, round buttons for each letter of the alphabet. Designed for quicker and easier messaging, the keypad essentially gives users a full QWERTY keyboard. The only difference is that the letter keys are arranged in alphabetical order, which could take some acclimation. On the upside, however, the letter keys are raised just above the number buttons and are a darker color. DigitWireless says it can fit Fastap on almost any cell phone, so stay tuned to see if it'll arrive stateside.