Facebook video ads incoming, will autoplay in your feed

Zuckerberg and friends are reportedly foisting even more ads upon its unsuspecting customers, and these ones will move!

Facebook is reportedly plotting a way to squeeze even more adverts into your News Feed -- and this time they'll be moving pictures!

Zuckerberg and pals are going to debut the new video ads in July, the Financial Times reports, in a bid to wring more cash out of the 750 million-strong social network.

Adverts will pop up in your News Feed, along with your pals' status updates, baby photos, cats, food, engagement rings and more babies. Videos will apparently play automatically when the page loads, but will be muted by default.

If you choose to unmute, the video will start afresh. Each advert will be limited to a mere 15 seconds in duration, and Facebook will reportedly ensure you only see videos from a single brand in any given day.

Facebook put its shares on sale to the general populace last year, and since then has seen its stock value tumble. Although the social network has plenty of loyal customers, it still has challenges -- and how it plans to make money from members long-term is chief among them.

Zuckerberg will need to tread a thin line between satisfying investors by pumping Facebook full of ads and money-making wheezes, but without making the site a joyless experience for those who use it.

Is Facebook already too full of adverts for your liking? If you were in charge of the blue-hued social network, how would you make money from it? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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