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Facebook F8 conference set for July 23

Social-networking company, which recently reached a unique-user milestone, is bringing its developer community together in San Francisco its second annual F8 platform conference.

Facebook understands what makes its service tick: lots of users and developers.

On July 23, the social-networking powerhouse will hold its second annual F8 platform conference in San Francisco. The company claims 400,000 developers in more than 160 countries and 24,000 Facebook applications in its directory.

Facebook also recently reached a milestone, according to ComScore, catching up with MySpace on the unique-user metric.

Both social networks attract about 115 million members on a monthly basis. However, most of Facebook's growth has come from outside the United States, which could be more difficult to monetize than U.S. users. MySpace has 72 million unique monthly users in the States, twice the number of Facebook.

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