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Facebook to expand Stories from your phone to your PC

If you like Facebook's glitzed-up photos and videos that vanish after a day, good news. You'll be able to see them on your laptop, too.

Facebook Stories in action

Facebook Stories in action

César Salza/CNET

Facebook Stories, the Snapchat-esque short-lived messages, are expanding from the social network's phone app to your PC, too.

The messages let you adorn a photo or short video with graphics, text and styles, but the missives disappear after 24 hours. The Facebook web interface you'll see when browsing from a laptop or desktop machine now spotlights a few Stories in the upper right of the page for some people, TechCrunch observed.

"We're testing the ability to view Facebook Stories on the web version of Facebook with a small percentage of people globally, and we hope to roll it out more widely soon," Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook mimicked Snapchat to develop Stories and brought it first to its Instagram photo-sharing site. Not enough for you? Facebook Messenger has the same idea, too.

First published Aug. 3, 10:46 a.m. PT.
Update, 11:25 a.m.: Adds comment from Facebook.