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Epson updates scrapbooker-friendly photo printer

The R2000 improves ink and paper handling, connectivity and halftoning over the R1900 it replaces.

Epson America

It's been 3 years since Epson shipped its Stylus Photo R1900 printer, and even at what seems like a high price of $549, 13-inch models like these are relatively popular with scrapbookers, graphic artists, and amateur photographers seeking to produce glossy images that pop. Epson has finally replaced that model with the R2000, adding the network support, larger ink tanks, updated halftoning algorithms, and improved paper handling similar to the recently announced R3000. And it launches at a lower price than that model did: $499.99. If you want a more professional, less glossy ink set, you can now get the older R2880 at a lower price of $599.

Larger ink tanks are bound to be one of the more popular enhancements; according the Epson, they'll generate 50 percent more prints than the previous iteration. Other printer-friendly updates include a front-loading paper path for media up to 1.3mm thick (The R1900 was limited to 0.9mm thickness through the rear-loading path.) Epson has also adapted its AccuPhoto halftoning algorithms for use with the existing UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 ink set, dubbed AccuPhoto HG.

On a more prosaic note, the printer offers 100-megabit Ethernet and Wireless-N connectivity options.

The Stylus Photo R2000 is slated to ship in late May.