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Episode 3: Where Google has more money than sense

In this episode of "Always On," Molly Wood visits Google I/O and loves the candy and the Nexus 7, but not so much the Nexus Q. What IS that thing?

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The debate about "unboxing" rages on, so in this week's Always On episode, I actually get down to using a pocket knife to open up the new Google Nexus 7 and Nexus Q. And I try to bring back some of that old Molly snark so many of you have been asking for. Sometimes it's hard to put together a whole show and then remember to write in the personality! I'm working on it, though.

I had a pretty great time running around Google I/O, mainly because of the food, and of course, the general over-the-top nature of the whole thing (20-foot-tall Nexus Q? Two days of skydiving? Boxing robots?), and I think it shows -- again, mainly because of the food. And the Nexus 7 really is a winner of a product, as evidenced by our CNET Editors' Choice award (the less said about the Nexus Q, the better).

The jury is still way out on the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 and the whole idea of the cloud-based Chrome OS. So, to see how "normal people" would respond to the Chromebook and Chrome OS, we used our super cool in-house user testing room to hold a focus group. Full disclosure: we also asked some of them to watch the latest episode and offer their feedback, because why waste a good user testing opportunity, right?

The result is, I think, a super interesting segment: we found out that people naturally compared the Chromebook to a tablet, which I wouldn't have expected, and that their pricing expectations followed suit with that comparison. I also found out that paintball is huge on YouTube. Who knew?

Enjoy the episode, especially the fun-with-flying-autonomous-helicopters, and please send your thoughts on the Great Unboxing Debate of 2012 (or anything else that's on your mind) to always on at cnet dot com. And thanks for watching!