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Enlightenment Lamp makes you look really smart

Lamp poses as a book on the Enlightenment, but really just lights up a room and not your brain.

Enlightenment Lamp

Now you can put a big, impressive-looking tome about the Age of Enlightenment on your bookshelf without having to wade through any Descartes or Voltaire.

Dutch design studio Studiomeiboom has come up with The Enlightenment, a lamp that poses as a book on the 18th century intellectual movement, but really just enlightens your room and not your brain.

The $130 lamp is made of white Plexiglas, with "The Enlightenment" etched onto its spine and cover. It's about 9 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 3 inches deep, and comes with a 9-watt energy-saving light.

Studiomeiboom says 10 percent of the proceeds from the product go to support the Edukans Foundation, which funds educational efforts in the developing world. Sharing the wealth with charity--definitely an enlightened way to do business.

(Via Uncrate)