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Enabling your inner DJ

"Being John Malkovich" was a mind-bending movie. The premise: that people could crawl through a tiny hidden door into the actor's mind, seeing and living his life through his own eyes.

Denon DN-S3500
Credit: Denon

If there were a portal for jazz great Herbie Hancock's mind, access to it would likely be gained through the Denon DN-S3500 professional direct-drive tabletop CD/MP3 player for vinyl and digital DJs. The player has a 12-pole Direct Drive motor and seven on-board effects (echo, echo/loop, filter, flanger, brake, dump and reverse). It has lots of visual appeal, with lighted controls, manual slider buttons and LED outputs.

The high-torque motor plays in 45 or 33 RPM speed. The 3500 also features a 15- second on-board sampler, full MP3 playback up to 320kbps, and next-track cross-fading.

The product recently nabbed Music & Sound Retailer Magazine's award for best new DJ product of last year.