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E3 buzz much louder this year, says Nielsen

Media ratings and research company Nielsen says the new Nintendo console is pushing interest in the E3 show way up.

NM Incite/Nielsen

According to media ratings and research company Nielsen, E3 is generating online buzz at a level 59 percent higher than last year. The key driver is interest in Nintendo's successor to the Wii console, which is expected to be revealed on Tuesday, June 7.

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The buzz level was measured by counting the number of messages from blogs, Twitter, and message boards during April and May of 2010 and 2011, and Nielsen says that 22 percent of this year's related postings are about the still-unnamed Nintendo console.

Also worth noting is a survey where Nielsen asked gamers how likely they were to buy a new console within six months of its launch. The most popular option was a new Nintendo console, at 27 percent, followed by Microsoft at 25 percent, and Sony at 24 percent.

Somewhat less anticipated were a new iPad, at 18 percent, and Sony's new NGP handheld, at 13 percent.