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E3 2011: The Microsoft exclusives

At E3 it's all about exclusives, and Microsoft devoted more than half of its press conference to announcing Xbox 360 and Kinect exclusive titles.

LOS ANGELES--Microsoft began its press conference with some gameplay demos of Modern Warfare 3, Tomb Raider, and Mass Effect 3. Though these titles certainly impressed, they'll be available on multiple consoles.

But at E3, it's exclusives that count, and Microsoft finally showcased a number of titles that will only be available on Xbox 360 and Kinect:

Xbox 360:

  • As we suspected, an intense Gears of War 3 demo delighted the crowd with Marcus Fenix battling a skyscraper-size alien. The game will be out in September.

  • Next we saw a teaser-trailer for the ancient Rome inspired Ryse that looks to feature Kinect implementation. There wasn't too much information here--just that it's being developed by the team behind the Crysis franchise, Crytek.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Forza Motorsport 4 will hit the Xbox 360 in October featuring head-tracking and voice control with a heavy focus on social elements.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will celebrate 10 years since the game's initial release and feature a remastered version of the game complete with multiplayer maps and co-op mode.

  • The world of Minecraft will be coming to Xbox Live.

  • Finally, Microsoft teased a new Halo game, remarkably called Halo 4.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET


  • A quick Kinect-enable demo of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier showed off the ability to customize weapons with hand gestures.

  • Lionhead Studios teased a Kinect-controlled game called Fable: The Journey. The demo featured the manipulation of magic only by using hands.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Disneyland Adventures will incorporate various Disney franchises into an easy-to-play experience.

  • Double Fine (Brutal Legend, Psychonauts) will debut Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster this fall for Kinect. Muppets like Elmo and Cookie Monster star in this kid-friendly adventure game.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Star Wars Kinect was demoed, featuring force powers and lightsaber action on what appeared to be an on-rails experience.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Kinect Fun Labs, which launches today, will feature various minigames that allow players to import themselves into games. Titles like Sparkler and Googly Eyes will incorporate new ways to interact with the Kinect, including the ability scan objects in as well.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET
  • A sequel to Kinect Sports, called Season 2, will feature brand-new sports, such as tennis, skiing, football, and darts, and will implement new gestures and voice commands.

  • Sarah Tew/CNET
  • Dance Central 2 was also spotlighted; it will feature simultaneous multiplayer dancing and the ability to import original Dance Central songs.

It looks like Microsoft is going all in with Kinect in the coming months, but will the next generation of games be enough of a compelling experience?