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E-smoking to kick a nicotine addiction

With the "E-Cigarette" anti-smoking aid, smokers can look tech-savvy while kicking a nicotine habit.

Chinavasion E-Cigarette
The E-Cigarette's manufacturer claims it will help smokers quit. Chinavasion

If gum, the patch, and hypnosis don't cut it, Chinavasion says smokers can kick their nicotine habit and look tech-savvy at the same time with the "E-Cigarette" anti-smoking gadget sold on its site.

While it has the appearance of a cigarette--albeit a stainless steel one--the gadget is loaded with nicotine cartridges, a different concept than the e-cigar, which uses liquid cartridges to produce the flavored vapor without the nicotine and smoke. The five atomized cartridges in the E-Cigarette contain high-purity liquid nicotine, and each cartridge has the lifespan of about 30 cigarettes.

The cigarette is sold with five cartridges ranging in levels from one-sixth the nicotine content of a normal cigarette to none at all. Based on nicotine replacement therapy, smokers can use the E-Cigarette to slowly wean themselves off the nicotine cartridges, ideally ending with the nicotine-free insert.

E-Cigarette Charger
The gadget comes with a lithium ion battery and charger. Chinavasion

Additionally, Chinavasion claims the gadget's lack of tobacco means it's free of carcinogens and tar.

The smoking device is managed by a microchip and powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The tip of the E-Cigarette glows with an LED light that will blink rapidly to warn smokers they have taken too many inhales in one minute.

The device is sold for about $26, and if the average price of a 20-cigarette pack is around $5, the gadget could be a low-cost option for smokers trying to quit. A similar product by Ruyan runs for more than $100.

Chinavasion's discount E-Cigarette and charger might fit in a purse or a pocket, but when a stressful day strikes, a dead E-Cigarette could push a smoker to visit the local convenience store instead.