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Domain registrars sue ICANN

A coalition of companies that register domain names filed a lawsuit on Tuesday to block a plan that would give VeriSign control of expiring domains that end in .com and .net. The registrars said they filed suit in federal court in Los Angeles and are asking for a preliminary injunction against the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

ICANN approved the "Wait-Listing Service," which is backed by VeriSign, as a way to provide consumers and businesses with an orderly way to purchase expiring domains. Fearing their revenue would be affected, the registrars created the Domain Justice Coalition and also convinced a pair of House of Representatives legislators to introduce a bill that would block the proposed procedures from taking effect. The coalition charges that ICANN failed "to comply with its internal decision-making process requirements when it approved implementation of the (Wait-Listing Service) in the face of opposition from domain name registrars, resellers and consumers."