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Do wireless companies care about contract customers?

Benefits for loyal Sprint Customers

Being what some would call a phone fanatic--I have multiple lines with multiple carriers--I never thought cell phone companies cared much about old customers. Most ads and gimmicks are geared toward drawing in new business, such as free phones and special plans for new lines of service. Since I'm a longtime customer, I didn't see where any of that applied to me.

Having to wait until my contract is up to negotiate a better plan or newer phone is always draining and time consuming; I wanted to know if there was anything out there for existing contract customers.

That in mind, I recently received a black square-shaped envelope from Sprint with a sticker sealing it closed that read "unveil your rewards." Inside, it had some nonslip strips (stickers that you place on the back of your phone so it doesn't slide) and a note that said I am a "Sprint Premier Customer." Attached was also a card with a quick breakdown of the Sprint Premier Customer benefits and a book covering the rewards. The benefits listed were as follows: One new phone upgrade on my primary line of service every year ($150 off), discounts on accessories, and free downloads. The Right Plan Promise allows me to switch to another plan at any time without extending or renewing my contract in addition to the receipt of one special gift per account on my anniversary date.

I dug a little deeper and found some information that wasn't listed. The program started August 17, 2007. The way you're considered for this service can be a combination of things: Payment history, lines of service, customer service calls (and the reasons for calling), and of course, your length of time with Sprint--you have to be a customer for at least one year to be considered.

Also, when members call Sprint from their primary line, they won't go into the general waiting pool and stay on hold as long as they may have in the past. Since they're now what Sprint calls the "White Glove Customer," a more qualified representative is there to help with whatever queries they may have.

So if you believe you're a loyal Sprint customer, be on the lookout for that little black envelope in the mail. It's filled with plenty of surprises that prove some wireless companies do in-fact care about contract customers.