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Dish claims to extend Wi-Fi range 300 percent

All the better to mooch off your neighbor with.


Are you tired of getting cut off every time your inconsiderate neighbor shuts down his Wi-Fi router? Do you find yourself sitting in the hallway outside your apartment door just to make sure your connection doesn't drop off? If so, this may be for you.

Hawking's "Hi-Gain Wireless-G Dish Adapter" connects to your computer's USB port and claims to increase the range of wireless connections by as much as 300 percent, GadgetGrid says, as well as improve speeds. It works with both desktops and laptops, though it might be a bit cumbersome when traveling with the latter (not to mention obvious).

The good thing is it looks like a small TV satellite dish, so the aforementioned rude neighbor will be none the wiser. Then again, you just save the $62 that it costs and put it toward a Wi-Fi connection of your own, tightwad.