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Dialed In No. 218: The final episode

Two generations of hosts join together in CNET's final Dialed In podcast to bring you news, side-splitting memories, and a cell phone little angst, before it's time to hang up for good.

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It's so hard to say goodbye...but goodbye we must say. For CNET's Final Episode of Dialed In, we get the band back together, old guard and new. Bonnie and Nicole reminisce about old days when Dialed In was audio-only and they had to wrestle with the sound controls. Meanwhile, Brian recounts his clairvoyance, Lynn sets the record straight, and Kent keeps it real -- like, really real. I fulfill a final request, and nearly dent my thumb doing so.

And of course, we bring you CNET's review of the HTC One X and news about the Nokia Lumia 900 and of the mystery device that Sprint will finally announce this week. Because that's what we do.


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HTC One X review
HTC One X camera shoot-out
HTC Evo One to Sprint this week?
Nokia Lumia 900 available for preorder

Video goodbye
Jonathan blew us away with this thoughtful video goodbye he made us:

We're still here
Dialed In may be closing shop, but we're still here! We write mobile stories daily at You can always send your questions and comments to, and reach out to us on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

Brian Bennett -- @boliverbennett
Bonnie Cha -- @bonnieCNET
Jessica Dolcourt -- @jdolcourt
Kent German -- @KentGerman
Lynn La -- @lynnlaaa
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Stephen Beacham -- @stephenbeacham