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Dialed In #176: Take a penny, leave a penny

In this week's podcast, Jessica, Nicole, Bonnie, and Kent set their sights on the Asus Padfone, the latest in the AT&T-T-Mobile merger saga, and more.

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Your loyal mobile reviews crew takes a look this week at a bold smartphone-within-a-tablet, and Sprint's latest FCC punch at AT&T. We also debate the consequences of refusing to pay for a phone that costs you just a penny. Join us for all the news, reviews, and laughs on this week's Dialed In podcast.


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T-Mobile announces HTC Sensation 4G launch dates, pricing
T-Mobile G2x out of stock, on the mend
Asus Padfone combines phone, tablet
Asus Padfone in the flesh
AT&T reveals Pantech Crossover
U.S. Cellular gets HTC Merge and LG Genesis
Samsung Chrono arrives at U.S. Cellular, for a penny
Sprint asks FCC to block AT&T-T-Mobile merger
Droid X to see Gingerbread on May 27
Motorola Atrix next in line for Gingerbread update?
Is this buttonless phone the next Nexus handset?
Nokia sticking by Symbian until 2016, Elop says
Are mobile solar chargers worth it?

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"I have been having the iPhone for a very long time and I really want to switch for an Android phone. I know there's choices on different handsets on AT&T, and I narrowed it down on two phones: the HTC Inspire 4G and the LG Phoenix. I had experienced the Android OS but I'm also on a budget. I have big hands, I think, so the HTC Inspire 4G has a big screen, but I also want something compact and light, like the LG Phoenix. I saw the reviews for both phones, however, I'm still stuck on which phone I should get. What do you guys think? Does screen size matter?" --Jasper from California

"Why are lots of phones branded as world phones when throughout my extensive travels they rarely are? Just because a phone is unlocked and you can swap SIM cards does not mean it will work on another country's network." --Vernor, a U.S. sailor in Japan