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Demo=technology? Maybe

PHOENIX--At the twice-annual Demo show here, it's all about technology. High-tech services and products abound, and if you were in the business of recruiting engineers, this would be a gold mine.

But for some reason, Demo seems to never be able to get its own technology right. Which is to say that year in and year out, despite the impressive chops of the companies presenting here, the conference has trouble serving up usable Internet connectivity.

Sometimes it's just the Wi-Fi in the ballroom that's down, meaning the mass of reporters on hand can't file on time. But other times, it's the network used by the presenters that goes down, for one reason or another.

In some ways, that's what the show is about: forcing companies and attendees alike to persevere. And they do. Somehow.

So far, with Demo just a few minutes old, it appears that the network infrastructure is working for presenters, but the wireless Internet used by the audience is either oversubscribed or not working. And there's no explanation.

Meanwhile, on Monday night, the Internet connectivity in the guest suites at the conference hotel here was down, meaning that many of the companies here to present were having trouble doing run-throughs of their demonstrations. But the lesson of Demo is that without a contingency plan, maybe you don't deserve to be here.