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Demo God awards announced

PHOENIX--After two days and 68 company presentations at the Demo '06 conference here, one thing is clear: Enterprise products and services carried the day.

That's not to say that some consumer-oriented offerings weren't popular and seen as having a lot of potential. But when Demo's head honcho, Chris Shipley, announced the so-called Demo God awards at Wednesday night's closing dinner, enterprise dominated.

The 10 Demo God winners:

• Network Streaming, and its appliance-based remote support offering.

• Panoratio Database Images, which has software designed to analyze large, complex data sets.

• , which allows people to access and share media files and computer desktops across the Internet.

• Iotum, for its service that intelligently filters phone calls depending on how important they are.

• , which has developed a charming robot dinosaur that reacts to humans' voices and touch.

• , a company that has developed facial recognition technology which can auto-tag photos in users' collections.

• Krugle, which has a vertical search engine designed to help programmers find open source code.

• , for its service that automatically categorizes Web pages.

• Front Porch, a company that has built an appliance designed to alert users to viruses, spyware and zombies on their computers.

• Sprout Systems, for its business software that helps small companies manage e-mail.