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Dell's 'Crystal LCD': The supermodel of monitors

First impressions seem to be somewhat mixed, based on specs, but we still think it's gorgeous.


Dell isn't exactly known for its cutting-edge fashion, but it's definitely creating a buzz for the New Year with its "Crystal LCD" monitor. To look at the flash ad on Dell's site, you'd think it was a new Mercedes that was being rolled out.

First impressions seem to be somewhat mixed, as Boing Boing and others have criticized this museum piece as being all about show and short on specs, notably its size and resolution (22 inches, 1,680x1,050). And Dell is baiting the detractors by adorning it with a price tag of $1,199--which, as Gizmodo notes, is $899 more than the company's other LCDs with similar technicals.

But as slaves to fashion (in our minds if not appearance), we have to side with the fans of this beautiful screen for purely superficial reasons if nothing else. From the Webcam on its forehead to the four speakers embedded in its ultra-thin 4-millimeter-thick glass, this limited-edition monitor is a stunner. The metal tripod alone is enough to turn heads.