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Dell backing out of Windows Phone Mango?

Dell has decided not to release a planned Windows Phone Mango handset called the Dell Wrigley. Has it lost faith in WP Mango?

Dell has pulled the plug on a planned Windows Phone Mango handset, according to rumours. It doesn't sound good for Windows Phone, but the good news (if you can call it that) is that Dell seems to be cutting back on support for its Android range as well. So it's not just Windows Phone not getting much love from Dell.

The Dell Wrigley, an updated Venue Pro, leaked a while ago, reports WPCentral, and now a source high up in Dell has told the site that the Wrigley has been cancelled -- and Dell won't be producing any other Windows Phone Mango mobiles to take its place either.

The report doesn't name the source. BGR contacted Dell for comment, and this is what came back: "We have not made any announcements confirming that Mango or Windows Phone devices are no longer in the pipeline. Dell is committed to providing the best mobility solutions, regardless of the operating system, to our global customers."

Dell will continue to support the Venue Pro, according to WPCentral, and may make new handsets for Windows Phone 8. So it seems that if this rumour is true, Dell could be taking a bit of a hiatus from making phones.

The Dell Streak, the Android ginorm-o-phone with a 5-inch screen, only lasted a few months on the shelves before being, well, shelved. Last week the Windows Phone Mango update started rolling out for UK customers, and Nokia is expected to announce its first Windows Phone devices at Nokia World at the end of the month.

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer has admitted Windows Phone is still "very small" but considering the apps could work in the forthcoming Windows 8 desktop OS, we wouldn't be surprised if it grew massively.

Do you think Dell should launch Windows Phone Mango handsets? Or stick to producing tablets and PCs? And which manufacturer's Mango handset are you looking forward to most? Let us know on our Facebook page.