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Defiant Tommo won't kill off Neo Geo X

The company says that SNK Playmore's decision to terminate its licensing agreement is "unjustified."

Tommo, the wholesaler has license to sell the NeoGeo X entertainment system worldwide, has responded defiantly to SNK Playmore's attempt to halt sales on the device.

Tommo on Tuesday said that it plans to continue to sell the NeoGeo X Gold system and will continue to support the device post-sale.

"We're continuing to sell NEOGEO X products, including the NEOGEO X GOLD System, Arcade Stick, MEGA PACK Volume 1, and Classics Volumes 1-5," Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan said in a statement on Tuesday. "The license agreement, which allows Tommo to sell and market these products, remains in effect."

Wan's statement comes a few days after SNK Playmore USA, which owns the rights to the NeoGeo, announced that it was terminating the licensing agreement with Tommo immediately. SNK didn't say why it terminated the agreement, but the company announced that it has informed Tommo to "immediately cease any and all manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion, and selling of the Licensed Products."

For its part, Tommo representatives said SNK's move flies in the face of their agreement, and the company "fully expects this agreement to be honored by all parties."

Tommo started selling the NeoGEO X last year. Earlier in 2013, the companies agreed to extend their licensing deal until 2016.