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Deal of the day: Wireless router, $10

After discounts and rebates, you pay only $5 for this general-purpose wireless broadband router (and around $5 for shipping). It may take some doing to process four separate rebates, but for a product that often lists at ten times this price, you may as well have one out on the deck so you can program from the hammock. Or the igloo.

From the deal site: "Use the eHome router to share a single internet connection with multiple computers or network-enabled devices. It supports both wired ethernet and 802.11 b and g WiFi protocols for wireless data speeds of up to 54Mbps."


What: eHome Products wireless broadband router
How much: $5 after rebates, inlcudes shipping
Shipping: $5, varies
Where: CompUSA (via Dealhack)
When: Through January 6