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Deal of the day: iPod rapid charger for $6

After a price reduction and the fifty-percent-off code "ipod50off," the shipping's free and you pay just $6 (plus tax in CA) for this wonderous little convenience, usually priced at $18.

Basically this is a generic rapid iPod charger that fits in your pocket and plugs into the wall. Details from the seller: "IC chip protects against overcharging and short circuit. Designed specifically for iPod with dock connector including iPod 3G, 4G, iPod Mini, iPod Photo, iPod Nano, iPod Video. Universal Voltage: Compatible with both 110/220V."


What: Generic iPod rapid travel charger
How much: $6
Shipping: Free ground shipping
Where: Supermediastore (via Tech bargains)
When: Through January 5, 2007