David Cameron becomes first PM to join Twitter

David Cameron is now on Twitter. So who's he following? And has he TwitPicced his dinner yet?


Quick, send the PM a DM! Prime Minister David Cameron has joined Twitter, becoming the first PM to do so.

You can find him over at @david_cameron. DC registered the account on Saturday and already has more than 71,000 followers.

His first tweet read: "I'm starting Conference with this new Twitter feed about my role as Conservative Leader. I promise there won't be 'too many tweets…'"

That 'too many tweets…' part is a reference to an interview he gave to the Christian O'Connell breakfast show back in 2009, in which he said: "The trouble with Twitter, the instant-ness of it… I think that too many twits might make a tw*t."

So what's he posted so far? Well no pics of his dinner, and he hasn't Instagrammed him and BoJo hanging out in hipster bars (not yet, anyway). His second tweet was about meeting the nursing team at the John Radcliffe Hospital, complete with a picture. His third showed him backstage at the Andrew Marr show ahead of this morning's appearance.

In his profile, it says his account will be run by him and the @conservatives team. So don't expect anything too personal.

At time of writing, he was following eight others. These were: Grant Shapps, David Jones, Maria Miller, Eric Pickles, Boris Johnson, William Hague, Jeremy Hunt, and the Conservative Party. No Nick Clegg, Dave? Or how about CNET UK, for all your gadget needs? Come on, you're supposed to have your own iPad app, after all.

Previously, Cameron tweeted from the @Number10gov account.

Cameron is also on LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, and Flickr. He shouldn't be a stranger to tech, considering how many times he's met with Google.

Will you be following David Cameron? Or is this just a PR stunt, with the account run by lackeys? Let me know what you reckon in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

Update: As a commenter below points out, other Prime Ministers are available. The PM of Canada, Stephen Harper, and the PM of Australia, Julia Gillard, are both on Twitter, for example.

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