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Darth Mail: Darth Vader mailbox eats letters

Even Darth Vader gets junk mail. An artist creates an elaborate Darth Vader mailbox that takes mail delivery to the Dark Side.

Darth Vader mailbox
You might think twice about shoving mail into this. SenseiMonkeyboy

Deviantartist SenseiMonkeyboy went a little overboard with a friend's request for a Darth Vader paint job for her mailbox. It started innocently enough. Probably with a, "Hey, you're a good artist. Can you slap together a Darth Vader look for my mailbox? Thanks." It turned into a mailbox that is nearly as epic as the "Star Wars" series itself.

The Darth Vader mailbox is pretty much all black, naturally. It has a full-on Darth Vader mask and helmet head on the front, creating what may be the most intimidating mailbox ever conceived. There is a handy pull loop on top of the nose for opening it to deposit mail into the angry void beyond.

Having the whole Darth Vader head on the mailbox is pretty impressive, but the galactic wow factor doesn't end there. We're all familiar with the little red mailbox flag that lets the postal people know you have mail for pick-up. The Darth Vader mailbox is rocking an entire light saber for this purpose. The weapon replica flips up and the red "blade" extends. There will be no mistaking when you have mail waiting to send out.

Now the Darth Vader mailbox has willed itself into existence in our world, I can't wait for the inevitable epic battles with this "Star Trek" mailbox. Perhaps other artists will follow suit. I would love to see a Wampa mailbox or a return of the sweet R2-D2 mailboxes that once roamed the landscape. Because everything in life should have a little sci-fi flavor.

Darth Vader mailbox open
Darth Vader has a special delivery for you. SenseiMonkeyboy

(Via Nerd Approved)