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Daily Tidbits: Google adds new languages to Translate

Google has added seven new languages to Google Translate. Google Health is also more user-friendly than Microsoft's HealthVault.

Google has brought seven new languages to its Google Translate service. According to the company, Albanian, Estonian, Galician, Hungarian, Maltese, Thai, and Turkish have been added. The company also announced that its English dictionary has been improved to "include synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, detailed definitions, and examples from Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary." All its new features are available now.

User Centric, a company that researches user experiences, announced Monday that it has concluded its usability study of Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault. According to its findings, which took opinions from 30 participants who were asked to complete seven basic tasks on each site, users preferred Google Health over Microsoft HealthVault, even though both services were plagued with flaws. Participants claim Google Health is more usable thanks to better navigation and simpler data entry. Microsoft HealthVault received low marks from participants due to its overabundant use of medical terms the participants didn't understand.

TVtrip, a company that provides video reviews of hotels around the world, has secured approximately $9 million in venture funding, the company said Monday. Balderton Capital and Partech International led the round. The company, which claims it has over 9,800 video reviews on its site, will use the funding to expand its presence online.

Travel company, Travelzoo, acquired the domain for $1.8 million The company is using the domain to launch a new travel itinerary search that it claims, will offer better travel options than it has in the past. The search is free and available now.