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Cyber Monday: Dell's deals on good TVs

There's plenty of inexpensive, not-so-great TVs on sale this Cyber Monday, but Dell's site offers a couple of compelling deals on TVs we actually like.

You won't have any trouble finding rock-bottom prices on no-name TVs from sketchy online vendors this Cyber Monday, but if buying a good television from a trustworthy retailer is your priority, Dell's site has a couple of very good prices on big-screen TVs I can actually recommend.

Samsung 51-inch plasma, $578 with free shipping. Judging from the published specifications, the PN51E530 has the same picture quality as the PN51E550 that we really liked. Yeah it's missing Smart TV and 3D, but you could always just add a $40 Roku if you want streaming apps.

Samsung 60-inch plasma, $848 with free shipping. If you like what you just read about the 51-inch version, this 60-incher promises more of the same, just a whole lot bigger.

Sharp 60-inch LED, $999 with free shipping. The LC-60LE600U is basically the same as the LC-LE640U we reviewed earlier this year and called one of the best bargains around. It still is, especially since it has better picture quality than the 60-inch Vizio. Yes, the Vizio has the Smart TV that the Sharp 600U lacks, but see above re: Roku.

All three of these deals are available now, but as usual supplies are limited so they could sell out anytime. If you see any other tempting Cyber Monday deals on good TVs, leave a comment.

Bonus tip: Deal to avoid If you're tempted by Amazon's deal for 60 percent off select Panasonic LEDs, you might want to know that every Panasonic LED TV we've reviewed this year has shown inferior, and sometimes downright bad, picture quality.

(Via Dealnews)