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Crazy times for Japanese concept clocks

Tokyoflash, a Japanese seller of wacky timepieces, asks consumers to vote on the concept designs they'd most like to see next.

Sound comes from behind the numbers on this clock/iPod dock. Tokyoflash

Japan's Tokyoflash, purveyor of such wacky wristwatch offerings as the Morse Code Watch and Infection--whose face is (obviously!) supposed to resemble a colony of bacteria--wants consumers to tell it which time-telling pieces they'd like to see next.

Will it be an upright ambient-light clock that displays the time through light animation? A spaceship clone with lights and an iPod connection? A throwing-star-ish model that displays hours, minutes, and seconds on its three arms?

Those are just a few of the unusual concept designs that Tokyoflash is featuring in a product design survey that just went up on its Web site.

It only takes a few minutes to fill out, if you're so inclined. And if nothing else, the images offer a fun glimpse at what design nerds may be putting on their nightstands in the near future. Any catch your eye?

The above concept clock displays hours, minutes, and seconds on the arms, while the device at left displays the time through ambient light. You can increase the brightness by lighting more bars. Tokyoflash