Crave TV: Watch two things at once with DLP

DLP has come up with a new solution to the old Strictly Come Dancing/Top Gear dilemma -- wear these special glasses and you can watch both at once on the same TV


It sounds confusing, but new technology from Texas Instruments brand DLP means you can use one TV to display two totally different signals at the same time. You can pick the video you want to watch by simply pressing a button.

It sounds like witchcraft until you hear about the special glasses. These essentially have an electronic shutter system that blocks out light from the TV 50 per cent of the time. This means, using a 120Hz DLP rear-projection TV, you can have two full 1080p signals being viewed by two different people on one TV.

Obviously, the possibilities are endless -- for a start it means no more arguing about what to watch on TV. You can both watch different things -- although of course you'll need headphones as well as the glasses.

We have to admit to being initially quite sceptical, but the system works really well. The only issue we had was with the glasses, which aren't at all comfortable. Overall the picture quality was really good, but the colour was a little distorted. The system also has the advantage that it can convey 3D TV, which might become a big deal in the future. Right about the time we get a hoverboard to work. -Ian Morris

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