Crave TV: Snowboarding gadgets hit the Alps

In the latest episode of Crave TV we take a look at winter sports gadgets, and we've spared no expense in travelling to the Alps to test these technologies for you...


Don't say we never go out of our way to review technology for you. We took this season's top snowboarding gadgets to the Alps and tested them at sub-zero temperatures, in a blizzard, near the top of the Matterhorn. Our test subjects included the Samsung VP sports camcorder, the Burton Audex Jacket and a new impact-resistant fabric, incorporating d3o technology.

The video itself was shot on the head-mounted Samsung VP camcorder and reviewer Guy Cocker is decked entirely in Schöffel's d3o protection system. This allows him to perform outrageous tricks and manoeuvres without the risk of harm. The d3o fabric hardens on impact, protecting the wearer with the strength of body armour, while remaining flexible enough for snowboard tricks prior to wipeout.

Click on the video above to watch. -CS

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