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Crave TV: Kenwood-modded 1956 Chevy Bel Air

Pimped doesn't even come close to describing this spectacular car. Its fully motorised dashboard contains an Xbox 360, an iPod nano and a 7-inch screen. And then there's the boot...

God loves Americans. He may not have blessed them with any decent cars to drive, but he did bestow them with the ability to modify their 'cars' to interesting effect. We recently had the pleasure of riding in this 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air, and couldn't resist doing video.

It may look pretty standard on the outside, but inside it has a fully motorised dashboard. Hit the button on the key fob, and out pops a tray containing an Xbox 360 controller and an iPod nano. From here, you can enjoy a spot of Halo 3 on the 7-inch in-dash display, or bump some 'choons' through the speakers, which seem to be located in every possible orifice of the car.

It also comes with a USB port, so you can transfer music and video files between your home PC and the car's internal USB-enabled stereo. The coup de grace? This Chevy Bel Air has the most audacious boot/trunk in the world. Hit a button on the key fob and an oyster-shaped panel flips up, followed by a 10-inch screen and two Kenwood amplifiers.

Words don't do this justice. Check out the video and prepare to be wowed. -Rory Reid